Jeppe High School for Girls


Chess at Jeppe is considered to be an all-inclusive event that encompasses both sports and cultural aspects.

Our chess team participates in a highly competitive inter-district league which runs throughout the year.

Some of our chess players are ranked amongst the top chess players in the league, many obtaining an undefeated status.

Our chess team has regularly participated in inter-provincial tours as well as a few international tours over the years.

Chess is an extremely popular sport with both an u19 and an u15 team.

In 2022 the school hosted the Johannesburg Central League games.

Our players then went on to the individual chess championships, and then took part in the Ekurhuleni tournaments.

Our chess captain qualified to represent South Africa in the Commonwealth games and one of our u15 players qualified to represent South Africa in Italy.

The efforts of our external coach Jobert Wany have made a real difference in the standard of each chess player’s game.